Student Life Working to Close Fraternity Houses Over the Summer

by Jules Gonsoulin


In a decision that has already inspired minor uproar among the Millsaps Greek community, student life administrators are proposing to close fraternity row over the summer.
The decision is still up for appeal; when The Purple & White reached out to Megan James and Patrick Cooper, both declined to comment on the record until the motion gets past the appeal process.

This proposed change would affect the members of fraternities, many of whom plan to enroll in summer classes on campus or work in Jackson, and continue to live in the fraternity houses while doing so. In addition, many fraternity members use the summer break to move their belongings in and out of their new rooms.

Although at the moment it is not clear what prompted this sudden change, some connect the administration’s motivation to the arguably dangerous activity of summer rush, a practice which is not allowed at Millsaps College. Closing the fraternity houses would ensure that fraternity men cannot hold parties with or without potential new members present.

In the time period right after the unpopular decision was made, the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon appealed it. At this point, it’s unclear if SAE is the only fraternity to voice their opinion on the issue. SAE president Daniel Staursky feels the college has unjustly taken away “one of the benefits of being in a fraternity.”

IFC member and fellow SAE Charlie Edwards is equally disappointed, stating “With fraternity housing being shut down, a lot of guys are having to spend a lot more to find somewhere to live this summer. It was unexpected and is costing a lot of college students quite a bit more money.”

With the decision still in limbo until the appeal process is complete, the fraternity men wait for a final verdict on if they will have to find other temporary housing in order to stay in Jackson for the summer.