Student Workers Discuss New Payment Policy

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by Bekah Ervin

news editor

Over the past month, Millsaps sent numerous emails to all students, faculty and staff regarding an upcoming change in how the college will issue paychecks. Beginning April 1, Millsaps will convert to a new direct deposit pay system. Student workers have spoken out about this change.

Zaria Bonds, freshman, is excited about the new system. She says, “It saves me time from going to cash my check at the business office then going to the bank to deposit it. I’m all for it!” Likewise, sophomore and Writing Center Consultant, Frances Lee, believes it is a great idea. Lee looks forward to the payment system “saving paper, saving time, and saving money.” She also shared that her off-campus job has been using a direct deposit system for a long time, and she appreciates the convenience of this kind of system.

Those in favor do have at least one qualm with its implementation. Lee mentioned that making the change optional would be a good option. “I’m all about saving money and time, but I question if making everyone go this route is fair,” she said. “Not having a choice seems odd.”

According to the emails sent by Julie Daniels, director of human resources, enrolling in electronic direct deposit for all employees will help to “manage costs and increase efficiencies and productivity” for the college. In addition to this, the new policy will prevent the Business Office from using a copious amount of paper in order to pay all Millsaps employees. Daniels states that it is “a more efficient and cost-effective method of notification, and eliminates costs related to paper, printing, manual stuffing of envelopes, and delivery of pay advices.”

The policy goes into effect April 1. Faculty, staff and student workers can enroll by picking up a form in the business office. Information about the new policy is available on the Business Office’s page on the Millsaps College website.