The Reuben’s Epidemic

by Rachel Long
opinions assistant editor

Every time I walk to Reuben’s for a break from my 9p.m. to1 a.m. shift in the library, it is with a vague hope in my heart and a whispered word on the tip of my tongue: coffee. Will today be the day that they bring coffee back? Speaking for myself, I know that coffee was an invaluable addition to the Reuben’s menu last year, and I find the loss of it this year devastating. I’ve been told that the coffee maker is broken and coffee will return when it is fixed, but it doesn’t look promising.

As we’ve all undoubtedly noticed, the loss of coffee isn’t the only change at Reuben’s. While the décor and new seating are definite pluses, the menu has gone downhill dramatically. We have gained a few notable items—namely cheese sticks, tater tots of every variety and chicken fingers—but it seems that we have lost most of the unique menu items that really made Reuben’s special. Pancakes (including the monstrous-but-delicious Elvis), steak quesadillas, and the three-cheese grill were all student favorites that have been retired. And, of course, the entire student body seems to still be mourning the tragic loss of our beloved funnel cake fries.

Procedural changes in Reuben’s include a new and very limited 8p.m. and 10 p.m window when meal swipes can be used and a confusing new kiosk ordering system. However, what prompted me to write this article, the final straw that broke this camel’s back, is a discovery I made after stumbling sleepily over to Reuben’s one night: A new meal swipe limit has been instituted. Students can now use only one meal swipe per night at Reuben’s.


Who cares if I want to spend seventeen meal swipes at Reuben’s on a Tuesday? These so-called “improvements” to our dining system this year are anything but. Reuben’s has become a place that I only go when I have no other option, instead of being the enjoyable hangout it was last year.

So I say protest in the streets, dismantle the establishment board by board, and harass the administration until we see positive changes in Reuben’s—and, hopefully, the return of our funnel cake fries and coffee.

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