This Week in Millsaps History

This Week in Millsaps History

This week in Millsaps history originally ran in the P&W in the 90s. It reminds readers of the changes Millsaps has endured and the progress we have made. Whether it be sports, Greek life, or classes, students and administration have evolved and offered different perspectives throughout the last several decades. These differing perspectives have shaped Millsaps into what it is today.

August 30, 1996 – New Alcohol policy enacted for the ‘96-’97 school year
The Old policy stated that anyone drinking on fraternity row would be in violation of guidelines
The New policy promotes student groups hiring campus security and having at least two 21-year-old members to monitor for underage drinking

August 31, 2006 – Millsaps’ welcomes their smallest freshman class to date
235 freshmen arrived for move-in day
The impact of Hurricane Katrina negatively influenced the number of students attending Millsaps

September 1, 1972 – Millsaps begins offering a division of night classes
Four classes meeting from 7 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., Monday through Thursdays
The least expensive courses offered for students in residing in Jackson

September 2, 2010 – Millsaps’ announces the first semester abroad program
Based in the Yucatan and being offered in the Spring of 2011
Program covers 16 semester hours and a two-hour Spanish class

September 3, 1985 – Greek gains 209 new members
Fraternities gained 123 new pledges
Sororities gained 86 new members

September 3, 1999 – ‘No party’ Thursdays
In favor of promoting academic excellence, registered fraternity parties will no longer be hosted on a weeknight before classes
Student leaders and staff agreed on eighteen Friday and Saturday nights on which there can be registered parties

September 4, 1982 – Millsaps wins 51-0 against Fisk University at the start of their football season
Robert Lenior led the team with three touchdowns
Quarterback, Craig Busick, threw two touchdown passes

September 5, 1956 – Millsaps announces the beginning of construction on the student union
The building we now call the Leggett, or the Boyd Cambell College Center was anticipated to be placed in-between Sullivan-Harrell Hall and the Buie Gym
The union was expected to host the new cafeteria, bookstore, post-office, and various organization offices.

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