Tri Delta Hosts Tri Love Week

by Claudia Brunson

news editor

This past week marked the annual Tri Love Week hosted by Delta Delta Delta sorority at Millsaps College. The purpose of Tri Love Week was to spread love and positive, self-body image. The organizer Emily Hussey, a member of Tri Delta (and, full disclosure, a member of the Purple & White staff), was excited about hosting this event.

Hussey is honored to be one of 12 individuals selected by the national organization as a “Body Image Ambassador.” Throughout the week she witnessed several students enjoy the activities all while learning and promoting his or her self-worth.

“I witnessed many students become inspired throughout the week’s activities, which was my hope for the impact it would have,” Hussey said.” It created an atmosphere that promotes and encourages self-worth.”

Tri Love Week originally started on the campus of Boise State. Although Tri Love Week is not nationally supported by the organization, numerous campuses participate in the positivity-fueled week. This year marked the first year that the Tri Delta chapter at Millsaps College has hosted this event. Some of the events included were a movie screening of The Duff in the Leggett Center on Monday, an “I am worth it because…” workshop on Tuesday in which participants wrote down reasons why they are find themselves beautiful and worthy. Lastly there was a, Zumba class held on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday and passing out inspirational flowers across campus on Friday made out of streamers and dum-dums.

Hussey is passionate about building high self-esteem in everyone. She hopes that this tradition will continue to take place on Millsaps’ campus throughout the coming years.

“Definitely [I could see this event becoming annual],” Hussey said. “Although we received participation from a variety of people on campus, we will work harder to ensure that even more of the campus feels included.”