Weather Seems Not to Affect Students’ Trips to Rueben’s

by Catherine Arjet
Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Despite the recent cold spell, many students say the frequency of their trips to Rueben’s has not decreased. Although the restaurant is far enough away from many dorms to make the trip unpleasant in the cold, most students agree that getting food after the Caf’ is closed is worth getting out of bed and braving the elements.

16968523886_82258573c2_o (1)As a resident of the north side of campus, freshman Cindy Irving has to walk even farther than her south side counterparts, however, she says that the cold and distance have never slowed her down. “At some point it just comes down to ‘do I want to stay in bed and be hungry for the rest of the night or do I want to spend the 15 minutes in the cold and get food?’” Irving says. “And really when you put it like that, there’s not even an option.” Irving’s roommate Maya Smith adds that if the outdoor conditions are truly horrible, she’ll drive the pair of them.

“One time when I was gone, though, Cindy walked all the way here, by herself, in the rain, it was like 40 degrees out,” Smith says. “Honestly I don’t think anyone can compete with that level of determination.”

However, for students who live closer to Rueben’s, late night trips for tots, chicken quesadillas or funnel cake fries are less of an event. “These are my pajamas,” says John Hall resident Michael Hayes, gesturing to his pair of old sweatpants. “I normally just put a coat on and head over here.” When asked if he feels like the weather ever affects his decision to come, he shrugs. “I don’t think so. I’d say I come here during the winter about as much as during the spring and fall. Yeah it’s cold but I’m only outside for a few minutes, and when you need a chicken quesadilla, you need a chicken quesadilla.”

No matter where you live, it seems that students will not let anything, even the cold or rain stand between them and their food