Why Self-Love Is Important: Inherent Worth

by Emily Hussey

opinions editor

At first glance, the self-love movement seems like a minuscule cause to get involved in. It probably seems strange to some that I would pick this cause to be passionate about. You might wonder why I would not want to end world hunger, or fight for a cure instead.

It is not that I do not want those things, but poor body image and lack of confidence is still a prominent problem in society that must be dealt with. It is important in a much more hidden, grassroots-type way. When people are unconfident with themselves— particularly how they look—they are not able to reach their full potential. That is tragic. Not being able to embrace who you are because you hate how you look is not acceptable.

It is important to convey that a person’s worth is inherent just by existing. Every single one of us has distinct characteristics that are special and unique. If you exist, you deserve dignity, love and respect. It’s as simple as that. Nobody should feel unworthy because they do not meet society

What matters most is what kind of person you are, not what you look like. Instead of trying to look better, we should try to become better. We should strive for kindness and authenticity rather than a particular body type. Recognizing one’s self-worth and deservedness of respect is a key component to being content with life. That is what makes it important. It is not discounting other causes, but rather putting some priority on this cause that often gets swept under the rug.