Captain America: Winter Soldier

by Charles Stevens

 The “Prime Mover” for Marvel Studios’ so-called “Phase 2” of the Avengers franchise, Captain America: Winter Soldier is the backbone for future movies to come, so it is hard to download (19)disappoint.

     Now if you’re in a hurry and don’t have any time to waste, fear not. Here it is, in short, a complete and comprehensive review of Captain America: Winter Soldier: It was good.

     Go see this movie.

No, it wasn’t some phenomenal work of filmmaking destined to live its life eternally shelved right next to Titanic and Sister Act 2, but for the most part, it is a decent movie, and I can almost guarantee that you will find some enjoyable element in it.

            For those looking for a more in-depth review, here we go:

This is a classic Marvel comic-book film. Cheesy dialogue and rambunctious action scenes make up the majority of the picture, with some nice jokes and funny moments to round it out.  The charming dialogue appears to be taken straight out of a ’50s comic book, which I think adds to the overall appeal of the movie.

Marvel has a developed a great way to take relevant issues and place them smack-dab in the middle of a universe full of superheroes, and then have those superheroes, more or less, punch those issues until they resolve. This movie is no exception.

It’s interesting to see how Captain America has adapted to life after being frozen for so many years, and his previous naivety and resentment of technology is almost completely gone, which is refreshing even if a little jarring.  However, his past is not completely separate from him (as you will find out), and it frequently comes back to haunt him and kill people.

     Speaking of kill, I’m always blown away by comic-book movies actually killing people. I get it, we are in the real world, but (big spoiler alert!) seeing Captain America basically perform genocide on a group of people is still startling.  He should really be called Captain Slaughter with the amount of bloodshed in this movie.

     All in all, if you’re a fan of Marvel or movies or of tales around a corrupt government, this is the movie for you. I give Captain America: Winter Soldier a solid 7.7 out of 10. 

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