Differing Opinions: A Look at Abortion from Two Vantge Points

jwho2Pro-Life Action League beliefs:

“Killing of an unborn child is inherently wrong.. regardless of circumstances.”

“[A] child conceived through rape or incest does not deserve the death penalty for his or her father’s crime.”

“Taking birth control kills babies.”

“We similarly reject the life of the mother exception” to make it okay.

Regarding stem cell research: “Life begins at conception. Any research that interrupts this process of human development is wrong and must be opposed.”

All quotes and facts from prolifeaction.org.

jwhoNARAL Pro-Choice America beliefs:

Upholds the ruling of Roe v. Wade, legalizing a woman’s right for an abortion.

Increase access of birth control (contraceptives) to women of all income backgrounds.

“[T]eens deserve sex education that gives them the information they need to make good decisions for themselves. They need to learn about both abstinence and birth control.”

“Women who decide to carry their pregnancies to term should get all the support they need to have healthy pregnancies. They also should have access to information about adoption.”

All quotes and facts fromnaral.org.