DIY Till You Die

by The Arts & Life Team

 Hey there Millsapians! Ever heard of Pintrest? This popular crafting/lifestyle website has been the source of much heartbreak and dismay for many college students, but fret not. The Arts & Life team is here to help you with some crafts that are 100% Millsaps student proof. These fun crafts are guaranteed to be an excellent study break.

     Bro Tank (unisex)

This tank top is sure to be a summer staple this year. Here’s how to get the look for free.

1.      Find an old T-shirt that fits loosely. Don’t steal your roomate’s. They will get angry.

2.      Cut as seen in photos.


download (1)

download (2)

download (3)

3.       Tah-Dah! Suns out, guns out!

No-Sew T-Shirt Dress

This is perfect in case you need to look cute

1.      Find a large tshirt. I mean really big. Still don’t steal your roomate’s.

2.       Fold as seen.

download (4)

IMG_0957download (5)

download (6)

Funky Fresh Hairstyle

1.       Ok, now grab your roommate.

2.       Style hair as seen in photos.


IMG_0961Another style:

IMG_0962download (7)download (8)

download (9)