Friday + Saturday: Feb 20 & 21st

by Alex Melnick
Arts & Life Editor


Where: Duling Hall
When: 9pm
Price: $10 in advance, $15 at the door & there is a three dollar surcharge for anyone under 21

hattiesburlesqueThere will be 27 attractive people dancing for your amusement at Duling Hall this Friday, I really recommend you go. (They don’t take their clothes off, which is either great or awful depending on your temperament.) I’ve heard rave reviews from everyone who has seen this local troupe before, and I think that this burlesque is a great start to anyone’s evening.  Plus, the troupe’s name is a great play on words. You can’t say no to erotic dancing and wordplay.



Cody Coxs CD Leave A Trace Release Show w/ special guest Christian Lee Hurston
Where:Brent’s Drugs
When: 7pm
Price: Free

Cody Cox, from local Jackson bands Furrows and Passing Parade, is releasing10923612_938459302838626_710389035184705426_n his newest solo CD. It’s been six years! This is a big deal! I really dig Cody Cox’s brand of southern folk rock, and I cannot wait to head on down to Brent’s and hopefully get one of Scott Allen’s hand-numbered prints. (Only the first 100 guests get one.) Also, there will be free Cody Cox buttons. Go get yourself one.

Instagraddys: 2015 AAF Jackson American Advertising Awards

Where: Duling Hall
When: 6pm to 10pm
Price: $60 for adults but $25 for students

Ok, how cool is this that we can go to an award show in Jackson?  I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all excited to pay 25 bucks and schmooze with the movers and shakers of the Jackson advertising community. Can you say networking?


Jackson Black Business Expo
Where: Tougaloo College
When: 12pm to 5pm
Price: Free

8687741_origJBBE is open to all black-owned businesses in the Jackson Metro area, and will serve as a networking event for them. Their goal is to level the socioeconomic and political playing fields in Jackson, and I feel like Millsaps students should be putting their money where their mouths are if they support the improvement of Jackson & want to fight against gentrification. Go make connections at Tougaloo, y’all.

The Revivalists & Sweet Crude
Where: Hal & Mals
When: 8pm
Price: $15 in advance, $20 at the door & a three dollar surcharge to anyone under 21
1452568_627502887289108_28317508_nOooooohhh man, I really love Sweet Crude & the Revivalists aren’t too shabby either. Short story: New Orleans bands, like real New Orleans. Revive your Mardi Gras feels. (Hah, I love my puns.) Say yes to love, say yes to life, say yes to awkwardly dancing and pretending you know French. (You don’t know French.) Just go to this show.