Friday + Saturday: Valentine’s Day Edition

by Alex Melnick
Arts & Life Editor & Friday + Saturday Editor

Greetings Millsapians, it is I, Alex Melnick. I am filling in as Friday + Saturday editor until further notice since I spend a lot of time a.) Talking about shows, b.) Trying to attend shows or c.) Lost in Jackson because I wanted to go to a show but instead went to a bar.  I have a feeling all three will happen to me this Valentine’s Day. If you want to actually have a pleasurable time this weekend  and not end up wandering the back roads of Midtown crying out for Ms. Inez, then I recommend you take a date to one of these carefully curated, very romantic Jackson destinations.


Tougaloo Colleges  Get in the Game Spring Step Show Benefit for Mississippi MOVE

When:7 p.m.

Where: Tougaloo College

Price: $5download

Three reasons why you should go: 1. It’s a step show featuring Tougaloo students and alumni. That’ll be awesome. 2. Millsapians need to get off campus more and make friends with the other colleges in Jxn. It won’t kill you, I promise. 3. It raises money for Mississippi MOVE, which helps eradicate homelessness in our state, So if you like dancing, people having homes or clapping, you really have no excuse to not go to this, at least briefly, Friday night.  In addition, attending the step show and getting good karma for helping the homeless may also negate the bad luck associated with Friday the 13th.

Fides Album Release Show w/ Mississippi Shakedown & The Tallahatchies

Where: Hal & Mal’s,

When:doors open 8 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m.

0001185515_10Price: Advance tickets are $5, and a price increase to $8 for at the door (A three dollar surcharge applies for those under 21

I have “faith” that Fides is a good band live, despite never seeing it before. (Spot the pun in that sentence, Classics majors.)  The Clinton band states that it is “post-Dad Rock” and also that it “will make your clothes fall off.” I am uncomfortable with any rock band using “Dad” and “clothes fall off” in the same press release, but I’m going to persevere on and get my butt down to Hal & Mal’s for this one. Fides sounds like a southern Manchester Orchestra, so chances are most Millsapians will be about it.  The guys from opener Mississippi Shakedown (a blues/rock band from around the area) are actually dads who rock.. Their bio says they “weren’t created to play in a restaurant,” but they’re playing at Hal & Mal’s, so we’ll see how that goes. The other opener, The Tallahatchies, hails from the Delta, and is genuinely a really fun garage rock band that I’m looking forward to seeing. I’m loving the garage-rock spree Hal & Mal’s has been on.



Feb. 14
10 a.m.- 5 p.m.; Ross Barnett Reservoir
Ticket Prices Vary

Fun Fact: Polarpalooza says it is the only music festival in central Mississippi. (Surprise: It’s not.)

PolarpaloozaFestival confusion aside, come on out and support the Special Olympics while using the the fest’s “Polar Plunge” fundraiser as an excuse to show off your bod to your date. Jump in the Rez for charity. It will impress them. After you get hypothermia in the name of love, hang out and eat some chili (because you’ll be chilly heh heh heh) and listen to the North Mississppi All- Stars, Jarekus Singleton, Mustache the Band, and Stogdaddy & the Good Time Band.


Inspire Jackson’s Make Love Experiment: “Art Is Word”

Feb. 14
5 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Gallery 1

Nothing says “hot date” like a slam poetry show. (No, really. That stuff gets SOMETHING_AWESSOME_t670erotic.) Show your date how invested in the arts you are by taking them to the Jackson “Make Love Experiment.” The night will consist of open mic Valentine’s Day-themed slam poetry, and a performance by Jackson  hip hop favorite 5th Child. Maybe later you’ll be able to make some slam poetry of your own…. And by that, I mean have a long and honest look with your partner about what love is and how it is constructed and construed in this digital era.