Goodell Continues to Mishandle NFL Crises

by Jules Gonsoulin
sports editor

In a week that is already a disciplinary nightmare for the NFL, Adrian Peterson has now entered the mix. The star running back of the Minnesota Vikings recently turned himself in to officials for allegedly beating his 4-year-old son.

While it is unclear what Peterson’s legal punishment will be, if anything, this is an opportunity for Roger Goodell and the NFL to prove that they can successfully and maturely handle a serious case of criminal behavior regarding a player. Thus far, Goodell has been ambiguous about the punishments he doles out, as he was regarding Ray Rice.

Peterson was initially deactivated from the Viking’s roster for their week two game against the New England Patriots. This means Peterson was not allowed to dress out but could still be at the game and be present with the team. Three days later, Peterson was reinstated and scheduled to play against the Saints. Yet two days after that, he was again deactivated, and placed on the Commissioner’s Permission list, meaning he is not allowed to partake in any team activities, including practice.

Goodell is not exercising any of his power as commissioner. He is essentially waiting for Peterson to be punished in a court of law so they can handle the case for him. It is unacceptable for the league to continue to pass the buck while handling these sorts of cases. Criminally violent players should not be allowed to play in the league, simple as that. The NFL has to hold their players to a higher standard.

Roger Goodell’s integrity and crisis management skills have been called into discussion regarding several cases since he took the reigns as commissioner, and in the opinion of this writer and avid football fan, Goodell is a disappointment as a commissioner. He’s mishandling this case just like he mishandled Ray Rice and the New Orleans Bounty-Gate scandal. Hopefully, Peterson will be swiftly brought to justice and the league’s next move will be decisive and just.