Intruder on Campus Monday Night

by Catherine Arjet
assistant arts and life editor

On Monday night an unidentified man arrived on campus, reportedly stole property (including a backpack from the porch of Reuben’s) and harassed female students, and then left campus. Security approached the suspect on the sidewalk outside the Academic Complex after student security workers saw him walking past Reuben’s, but the man ran as security got near. “He ran around circles around the A.C. (…) I guess because he was flustered,” said a student security worker who saw the entire affair. The officer then aimed a gun at the suspect in the parking lot under the A.C. and instructed him to get on the ground. The man initially obeyed, but then got up and drove away in his car, which was parked near-by.

Many students reported hearing sirens, or shouting at the time of the incident.

Campus security has yet to respond to the P&W’s request for an interview, although they did send out the Campus Safety and Security Annual Report Tuesday night, which shows that, with the exception of burglary, reported and prosecuted crimes are virtually non-existent on campus.