Meet the Millsapian: Oprah Braziel

by Courtney Cleveland

features editor

This week, The Purple and White spoke with Oprah Braziel, a sophomore business administration major, who is also a resident assistant in Bacot, the freshmen dorm. When she’s not inspecting rooms, you can find her helping out on the Millsaps Program and Activities Council, Millsaps International Buddy System and in Student Life.


The Purple and White: So, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Oprah Braziel: I fell down the stairs. It was a Sunday morning, and I was going to church. I had on my heels. I was walking under the AC, and I guess I missed a step. The next thing I know, I was on the ground. My knees, hands and legs were scraped up, but I got up and started walking again. I had to go back to my room to get some band-aids. Then I went to church.


P&W: I had a similar experience in front of the AC, and I’m just glad nobody saw. That’s definitely one of my most embarrassing moments too. So, what do you do in your free time?

OB: Sleep. Any time I have free time, and that rarely happens, I take a nap. I call that my “me time.” I like to be alone, away from the world. I don’t like any noise, and I like to be in the dark.


P&W: Likewise, that’s my favorite pastime. But like you said, there’s hardly any free time while you’re at Millsaps. What are your future goals?

OB: Short term, I just want to get through this semester with really good grades. Long term, I want to graduate from Millsaps with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. Then, I would like to come back to Millsaps and get my master’s in Business Administration through the Else School of Management.


P&W: What’s your favorite memory on campus?

OB: Brittany Paxton.  Brittany Paxton is the old director of PAC. She no longer works here. She [now] works in Ohio. She was a really cheerful person… Just being around her is my favorite memory on campus because she’s not here anymore. I miss her personality and her laugh. I was the first student she told when she was leaving, and that meant a lot to me.


P&W: That’s so sweet. What is one thing your family would say about you?

OB: I’m mean. I don’t really like to be bothered a lot of the time. That’s what they say, but I don’t think that about myself. They would also say I’m a hard worker and that I’m bossy, but I do mean well. I do not beat around the bush. I’m direct.


P&W: I remember being scared of you on move-in day after you held our floor meeting. You seemed really intimidating and told us to never be late. But now I know that you’re a great RA.

OB: Yeah, that’s another thing. I don’t like to be late. If I’m late, I would rather not go.


P&W: That’s understandable. Well, what made you come to Millsaps?

OB: I took a tour here during the Mardi Gras break. It was me, my mom and my sister. My tour guide was just kind of thrown at us, because my original one was busy. He was really nice. The campus itself was really beautiful. The Bowl really sold me. The vibe was also really nice when I got on campus.


P&W: What is/has been your favorite class thus far?

OB: [My favorite class is] Management with Dr. Sockbeson.


P&W: How have you changed as a person while at Millsaps?

OB: I’ve always been really open-minded, but Millsaps has allowed me to be even more open-minded and to accept the opinions of other people. I’ve matured, most definitely. I’m more diverse, and I can understand that there’s more than my opinion. I don’t have to agree with other’s opinions, but Millsaps has taught me to understand and accept the opinions of others.


The Purple and White would like to thank Oprah for taking the time out of her schedule to speak with us and answer these questions! If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the next “Meet the Millsapian” article, you can email me at



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