Millsaps Mock Trial Hosts the Jackson Joust

by Carpenter Stevens

Millsaps College Mock Trial Team has started this season off with a bang by hosting the first annual Jackson Joust Tournament Oct. 4th. The event welcomed several other colleges and universities from Mississippi and Louisiana in a two round power score competition.

Don’t know what mock trial is? Well, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. If you are expecting to witness a version of Law and Order minus the police work, then you are sadly mistaken. The American Mock Trial Association puts out a case problem each year, alternating between a civil and a criminal case. This year’s civil case focuses on the shooting of an 11–year-old child by her best friend. The shooting, done with the victim’s parent’s revolver, can best be described as a complicated dilemma of wits. Teams break into plaintiff and defense sides to replicate a real courtroom situation. Did Jesse Duran intentionally shoot Sydney Park? Or was it Jesse’s father, Hayden Duran, who, as a negligent parent, is responsible?

The dedication of the team and the level of competition proved fierce in the two rounds of competition that highlighted the Millsaps’ team’s brand new courtroom. The courtroom features furniture from the historic Meridian courthouse in Meridian, Miss.—furniture that has seen the James Meredith trials and many more historically relevant legal matters grace its surfaces.

Millsaps— bringing two teams to the competition—ranked in the top four, with Millsaps “White” taking a second place spot in the competition. The teams for this weekend were composed of both veteran and rookie members. Two rookie members, Ethan Hackett and Noah Barbieri, took home rookie excellence awards for their outstanding performances. It is impressive how well the teams performed as a whole this early in the competition season. The team’s next stop will be in Dallas, Texas, for a competition Oct. 25-26.

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Editor’s Note: Carpenter Stevens is a member of the Millsaps Mock Trial Team.