P&W Playlists: Back to School Edition

by Alex Melnick
arts & life editor

With  Millsaps College being recently the set of a few scenes in “Get On Up,” I’ve been thinking a lot about the cinematographic qualities of our campus. The Bowl would be the perfect place to either film a lighthearted romance movie, or a horror movie featuring a zombie hoard rising out from the  deep base of the center tree. (An ideal movie would have both, actually.) The CC is clearly for a period piece, and the Student Life offices would most likely feature a musical. Truthfully, sometimes our entire campus feels like a coming of age film.  With that in mind, I created a playlist to score the stereotypical feelings of those films. Put on another P&W playlist, turn it up to 11 and celebrate all the feels that come with attending Millsaps- from the carefree joy of freshmen year to the sweet success of senior year. It’s your movie. Don’t make an Adam Sandler one.