SAE Visits Children’s Hospital

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by Bekah Ervin

news editor

Recently, Millsaps’ Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter visited one of its philanthropic partners. The Mississippi Delta chapter took a trip down the street to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital on January 20 with plans for an eventful day with the children.

SAE’s national philanthropy is Children’s Miracle Network. Batson Children’s Hospital is less than a mile away from campus, allowing the fraternity to easily work with the hospital pretty often. Nigel Stinson, a sophomore, serves as philanthropy chair for the chapter. “It really makes it feel like you’re helping out right at ‘home,’” he said. “I think that’s what I enjoy the most… getting the chance to be hands on with hospital. Not just handing them a check, but being able to go visit the kids is super rewarding.”

The fraternity members’ day at the hospital was spent delivering toys and art supplies to the children, as well as getting the opportunity to get to know some of the patients. Half of the group was able to play games like Connect Four with the kids. The remaining volunteers did an art project with the children, which included finger painting a sign the fraternity took to the site.

Stinson mentions that hands-on philanthropy events are important and create lasting memories for the volunteers, but more importantly for the children in the hospital. Stinson recalls, “Us being there gave the kids a chance to not think about being sick. For the hour and a half we were there, I really think the only thing they were concerned with was whether or not we could get in all the games that they wanted to play.”

The chapter continues to partner with the hospital by hosting events on campus with proceeds going to Batson. On February 13, SAE will hold its 16th annual Chili Bowl in the Plaza. Stinson showed much anticipation about the event and is hoping for a great turnout. “There’s going to be a mechanical bull and dunk tank this year!” Stinson said eagerly. “Jackson’s own Young Valley is going to perform which we are very excited about. It’s been cool to keep everything regarding Chili Bowl in Jackson—from business sponsorships to the band that we’re having at the event, and most importantly the hospital that the donations will go to.”

If students are interested in creating a Chili Bowl team or attending the event, see the table set up outside the cafeteria for more details. Information is also provided below.

(photo courtesy of Nigel Stinson)