Statistics on Millsaps’ Side for 2014 Baseball Season

by Patrick Fredella


After a trip to the 2013 College World Series, the Majors baseball team is expecting another successful season. This year’s team will need to match the offensive production and defensive dominance it displayed last year. During the 2013 season, the Majors had a team batting average of .354 while their opponents’ was only .225. This impressive batting average allowed the Majors to outscore their opponents 285 points to 137 points. Without a doubt, the hot bats of the Millsaps Majors will be key to a playoff run and another World Series appearance.

Not only will the Majors rely on offense, but pitching and defense as well. The Millsaps pitchers threw for a combined earned run average of 3.4 while their opponents’ ERA was 8.9. For those unsure of baseball statistics, a pitcher’s earned run average is calculated by dividing the number of runs he allowed by the number of innings he pitched. To summarize, Millsaps pitchers’ ERA of 3.4 is pretty good, and it definitely helped propel them into the NCAA tournament last year.

This dual-threat team has much to looks to see if they can reproduce the impressive statistics of its 2013 season. With the addition of talented freshman such as James Perkins and Adam Daniel and the return of many experienced upperclassmen like Keith Shumaker and Blake Littlejohm, the Majors should have what it takes to win it all.