Tweets from the Frontline: Social Media’s Snapshot of an Admission Event

by Zachary Smith
arts & life editor

Throughout the year, prospective students join us on campus. They attend speeches on the admissions process, financial aid, athletics, etc., but more importantly, we as the student body get our first chance to pry into the pool that admissions is pulling future Millsapians from.

These events normally bring in a count of anywhere from 70 to 100 people (this number does include parents) to our campus; this past Monday, Nov. 25, the admission staff, led by Dr. Rob Alexander, saw an attendance of slightly less than 300 people.

While we could take some time to applaud the work of our valiant admissions  staff, I would instead like to focus on why when these events are going on you need to come get involved: Prospective students are a goldmine for Tweet material.

These prospectives get freaked out every time I say “So you’re from [insert the state clearly labled on their nametag].” #ComeOn

Is “prosps” an appropes abbrev for “prospective?” #140CharacterChallenged #TotesAbbrevsChallenged

I’ve been outside for 45min. If someone comes and asks if I am cold one more time… Bam! Boom! #Right2theMoon #TweetsFromtheFrozen

Is it sad that every time I meet a Texan, I want to lead with a Sandy the Squirrel  joke?

Just watched a few perspective students come out of one of Hopkins’ Bioethics class. #RoughGrind

Tut, tut it looks like rain. #tourproblems

“No, the sky doesn’t always pour freezing rain here.” #TourQ&A

If charisma was a deadly weapon Rob Alexander is 007 material!

Sitting down with a prospective who is interested in creative writing and engineering. #wemusthaveher