Residential Life: Turn & Face the Strain… Ch-ch-changes

by Zachary Oren Smith
Editor in Chief

In December of 2011, members of the Millsaps Physical Plant, the Business Office, Student Life, and Residence Life departments all met together to talk about what improvements needed to be made to the campus’ residence facilities. This is what they came up with:

1.     Replace the HVAC system that provides air and heat to Bacot and Sanderson Halls.

2.     Renovate the bathrooms in Bacot

3.     Replace all furniture in Sanderson rooms so there is consistency among the pieces in every suite/room.

4.     Replace the punch code boxes on the doors leading to the halls, laundry room, and lobby, or add card readers to Sanderson Hall.

5.     Improve the ventilation system in New South so that conditioned air is filtered into the hallways.

6.     Renovate the New South atrium and kitchen, and update atrium furnishings.

7.     Remove the carpet in Ezelle hall and replace it with new flooring.

8.     Raze Goodman, and plan a new residence hall that is aesthetically similar to the new buildings.

9.     Renovate residence hall lobbies to provide additional student gathering space.

10.     Add overhead lighting to rooms in Franklin still lacking sufficient light.

11.     Renovate Franklin Hall.

Is this how the school should be prioritizing its changes? Leave us a comment about what you think.

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