Millsaps Enforces New Bee Policy

by Bekah Ervin

news editor

Administration recently made a change to the Major Facts student handbook that will affect all students currently enrolled at Millsaps College. The addition changes rules regarding students mistreating the bees on and off campus. According to section four, paragraph 20, Millsaps College now has the right to expel any student who harms bees while on campus.

Millsaps College President Robert Pearigen said of the insects, “Bees serve an important role in nature. They spread pollen, provide agricultural services, and are even environmental indicators as their population decreases at such a fast rate.” His passion for the current movement of preventing harm to bees shows through his recent change to the student handbook. Pearigen said, “Millsaps students are incredible people, but they have to stop killing the bees. I know that the fine students of this institution can rise up to be the leaders of the Save the Bees movement.”

The new rule will officially be in effect starting today, April 1, 2016. Pearigen shared that he has alerted all faculty, staff and security to keep their eyes open for any suspicious bee activity and to report it to him within 24 hours so that he can identify and expel the culprit as quickly as possible. He has also set up a tip line so that students may anonymously report any suspicious bee-violence sightings (601-BEE-SAVE or 601-233-7283).

In an online press release about the recent policy change, Pearigen stated, “We at Millsaps College respect the environment in which we live. We recognize the importance of every member of the ecosystem. The change was made in an effort to make our campus and our students more aware of the importance of bees especially. We hope to change the negative outlook on bees, as they serve many important roles in nature… The change, although seemingly unimportant, is a step in the right direction to tolerance, respect and awareness for the lives of bees.”

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