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New Schedule Proposal: Academic Year 2021-2022

After changes to both the fall and spring semester academic calendars, surprisingly, students are finding they enjoy the new schedule. Alterations include cancelled fall break, shortened thanksgiving break, and a cancelled spring break, along with an earlier date of starting school. With all these changes, productivity has had more time to blossom. The College has seen an 87% increase in student motivation, 101% increase in grade point average, and a 67% increase in happiness among students. It seems that the College has finally found their sweet spot. 

Although students were at first overwhelmed by all the changes, after experiencing the effects of little down time, it seems they’d like the new alterations to stay. “This has been my most memorable year at Millsaps,” one senior said. She continued, “I didn’t know it could be this fun!” The rise in contentment in seniors was unexpected. However, it seems the additional time spent isolated on the campus is for the best. 

Freshmen alike are overjoyed with their #MajorExperience thus far. “I’ve met so many new people, and made so many friends. It’s so easy to get to know people since we’re here longer!” With emotions like these, it’s no surprise that happiness is up over two-thirds on campus. 

Academics are a large part of what draws students to Millsaps. Understandably, this makes the higher-grade point average one of the most exciting new developments. One professor shares his past experiences, “Before, it was hard to get students to submit work on time. It felt like a constant struggle.” However, he continues, “But now, I can’t stop students from submitting their work weeks before the due date! I can’t seem to give them enough work. They just keep chugging through it!” The results speak for themselves. With grades up for virtually every student, it’s hard to critique the current schedule. 

With experiences like these, it’s obvious what the next step is. Complete abolition of all breaks on the coming schedules. Changes to the 2021-2022 academic calendar are expected to be announced next week. Not only will they feature some of the recent changes, but they will also have new start dates and end dates. Below is a sneak peak for what’s in store. 


July 4th: Move-in begins in residence halls

September 6th: Labor day, classes to continue

October 8th-11th: Canceled fall break

November 19th-28th: On campus Thanksgiving festivities. Classes to continue

December 8th: Reading day, required texts given to students for reading

December 12th-29th: Required visiting writers series on-campus


January 10th: Spring semester classes begin

February 14th: “Love your campus” mandatory writing portfolio day

March 11th-20th: On-campus spring break: regular classes, nightly study-halls

April 17th: Easter, Major Reuben Millsaps Resurrection Celebration

May 4th-May 30th: Nightly vigils celebrating Eudora Welty. Contact your RA for more details

May 31st-June 3rd: Final examination days

*The above article is part of our 2021 April Fool’s Day Issue. Content is not factual and should not be taken seriously. 

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