Purple Word: MIllsaps Arts Move into Midtown

by Jules Gonsoulin

Purple+WordWith the help of several Millsaps College students, Professor Sandra Murchison is opening a new center for book and paper arts in the midtown neighborhood. The center will allow people with any level of art background to simply sign up and use the facility to create, display or just learn about paper art and art books. The center will work in close relation with the college, and will offer certain student benefits.
photo courtesy Millsaps College Flickr
photo courtesy Millsaps College Flickr

Most notably, Millsaps students only need to pay $25 a year to utilize full member privileges. As student Abed Haddad puts it, “It’s a really good opportunity for students to go and explore their artistic side.” Haddad also noted that he had little studio experience, though he is pursuing an art history minor, and that students need not be afraid to check out the center just because of a lack of experience making art.

By opening Purple Word, Murchison is actively helping Millsaps College further engage in the community of Midtown, an area rich with art history and culture. Haddad says that this is largely an effort to increase “Millsaps’ prescence in the midtown area.” Reaching out to the community has always been an important part of the Millsaps mission, and this is a huge step in that direction.

Purple Word will open Oct. 19, and there will be an open house for the Jackson community, as well as Millsaps College from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This will include an instructional workshop, a tour of the facility, and a meet and greet with the staff. Beginning artists who are interested in Purple Word are strongly encouraged to attend this session.

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