The Odyssey Online Launches at Millsaps

by Bekah Ervin

news editor

This month, The Odyssey Online launched a chapter at Millsaps College. The website, according to The Odyssey Online‘s about page, “is a social content platform that discovers and shares a chorus of millennial voices, amplified organically through social media.” The site publishes a variety of usually short articles, on topics like world news, college, sports and relationships. The content is most often shared through social media, especially Facebook.

Freshman Lucy Kaplan is the editor-in-chief of the Millsaps Odyssey and is excited about its recent launch as well as getting to lead the project. She says, “I applied to be the editor and managed to get that position, with Erin Crosby being my contributing editor.” She has big plans for her staff and hopes that the team will grow soon. “Currently we have 10 writers. A full team is 12 writers, but we hope to get those last two pretty soon,” Kaplan says. “In the meantime, though, we have some great writers with great stuff to write about.”

In an effort to reach out to the Millsaps community, Kaplan has been spreading the word about the open positions on her team. By visiting chapter meetings for Greek organizations and sharing the information with many campus leaders, she hopes to fill the spots soon. “It is really fun to be able to create a free speech space at Millsaps,” says Kaplan. “We just continue to write the best that we can as we establish ourselves here.”

She shared that her goals are to fill the team and create a true establishment at Millsaps. Kaplan also looks towards breaking down the stereotypes that come with Odyssey content. “The Odyssey is often seen as a Greek thing or a Republican thing, but we have some really good varieties of opinions,” she says in reference to the kind of content found many of the most often shared articles, often about Greek life or Republican views. “I’m always looking for people with the opposite opinions than my own. It’s a great way to create diverse content for all readers.”

With two positions still open, Kaplan shared that any Millsaps student can apply to be a writer by visiting and following the instructions found on the site.