Working It Out with the Majors: Yoga Edition

by Alex Melnick
arts & life assistant

 It is a well-known fact that the Millsaps Majors are ridiculously good looking. Theories as to the source of this beauty include ideas such as the luminesce of our brains radiating out through our skin, black magic invoked by Major Millsaps at the dawn of our founding, weird vibes from the dormant volcano under the bowl and, of course, the always popular idea that the grease from Rueben’s make us smile more, thus rendering us more attractive and our eyes cheerful and bright.

      In search of some answers, I recently sat down with sophomore  Tori Morgan,  who teaches the Tone it up! class. The class is 8 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday, and is well loved on campus.


The Purple & White: So, how did you get involved in teaching classes?

Toni Morgan: I was taking fitness classes at UA last summer, and I really loved it. Someone mentioned that there were trainer level classes offered, so I took them. I fell in love.

P&W: Well, a lot of people are in love with your class. Why exactly did you start Tone it Up?

TM: A lot of people on campus want to get stronger, so I combined cardio and yoga to get the full workout. That way it has something for everything.

P&W: Has the class been a success?

TM: Yeah! It comes in waves. When it’s cold, not a lot of people come. It’s really a success through because it makes people happy. If it makes people happy, I’m happy.

P&W: What’s your favorite part of the class?

TM:  I like the yoga. If I could, I would be a (full-fledged) yoga instructor, but there’s a lot more training required for that. I wish I could teach a whole yoga class here.

P&W: So I’ve got to ask … what’s the funniest thing that’s happened so far in class?

TM: Nothing too bad yet! The funniest thing is when people fall, because in class, you’re supposed to be not looking at anyone else. But I see everyone because I’m the instructor. So … *laughs*

P&W: What are you looking forward to, fitness-wise, this semester?

TM: There’s a kickboxing class coming soon and apparently a yoga class.

P&W: Are you interested in doing something fitness-related as a career?

TM: I want to be a personal trainer. Honestly, I want to do this because exercise is kind of contagious. It’s so much fun!

P&W: Any last words for our readers?

TM: You can have fun in this class! Just go at your own level and do whatever makes you feel comfortable!